Clever Creature Costumes

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Animals are always a popular pick for Halloween, and with an almost limitless amount of options, the decision to be a critter this Halloween is an easy one. But once you’ve decided that you want to be one with your spirit animal, how do you figure out how to really BECOME the animal? Take a lesson from these costumed creatures who have figured out how to harness the essence of animals with some makeup and trimming!like_a_snake_by_lucikoshkina-d63q09la8965c122be2aafd9cbdc9e3f1576dd7




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No Carve Pumpkin DIYs

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Everyone loves decorating pumpkins for fall, but do you know what nobody loves? Dealing with pumpkin guts. That’s right! Having to clean up the ooey-gooey  insides of gourds is probably the least fun activity of autumn. Our solution? A bunch of pumpkin decorating DIYs that don’t have to be carved! Another added bonus? You pumpkin stays in tip-top shape too!pumpkinfeature1Add feminine flair to your fall decor with this floral and glittered pumpkin from PBTeen!

006-stringartpumpkin-dreamalittlebiggerThis string art pumpkin from Dream a Little Bigger ensures you can still make the creepiest pumpkin on your corner, without dealing with all of that cleanup.

6a017ee3c48414970d01b7c6f2c73b970b-800wiThese gold leaf pumpkins from The Home Steady are beyond elegant, and are beautiful enough to earn a spot on any dining table!


If you love the look of metal on pumpkins, check out these copper-accented beauties from Home Oh My!

final3Have a talent for typography? Take a…

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Canine Costume DIY Roundup


those are so cute!!!! : )

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Do you celebrate every holiday with the furry friends in your life? Then Halloween should be no exception! These critter costume DIYs are just the thing to your best pal’s tail wagging on the scariest day of the year.


Everyone has seen the viral video of the puppy in a spider costume scaring passersby. Well now you can make your own with Martha Stewart’s DIY spider costume!

Kitai_halloween_dog_costume_chia_petMake your pup another type of pet with this DIY Chia Pet costume from I Found the Place!

FP1SUGVH97JR1WU.MEDIUMIf your pet is king of the castle at home, why not make him king of the jungle for a day with an easy to make lion mane?

DIY-Dog-Pinata-Costume-600x399This piñata costume will make your pup the life of the party!

FV5090MGU4MC7OA.MEDIUMTake your dog to new depths with a walrus costume from instructables!

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People, I work at a craft store, meaning hello discount. One of my most prized privileges is this discount because it allows be the opportunity to buy more, much more, at a lower price. Although, for those of you who don’t know me, I am one of the most disorganized humans. I like to call it an organized disaster, but to an outsider perspective, I’m simply a slob.

To all my crafters out there, our craft supplies add up, do they not? The littlest of beads and knick knacks to the biggest bolts of fabric and weathered furniture all add up and quickly take over the space we have labeled “craft corner” in our homes. One of the biggest challenges for myself as a crafter, and I believe for others as well, is maintaining a clean and organized crafting area. Some have the luxury of dedicating an…

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